Top 10 best ways to make money online for students


Hello Friends,

Many of you want to make money for yourself and your family. Making money is not an easy job.

But you already know that many people are making money online from their home. Is this possible?

The answer is a big yes. In the modern digital world, you can make money online in many ways. All you need to have a strong desire and hard work.

Remember, making money is not so easy in any sector. You must work hard and smart with dedication for that.


Today I will tell you about some best ways to make money online and you can earn a lot from these. People are already making a lot of money with these so why are you not? Let's start your online journey.

NB: Read the full article and don't miss the end if you are a student or a housewife.

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. CPA marketing
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Freelancing
  6. Dropshipping
  7. Amazon FBA
  8. Youtube channel
  9. Facebook page
  10. Instagram page

Let's have a discussion about all of these earning sources.


Blogging is one of my most favourite things for making money. Blogging is basically writing about something you know better.

For example, if you are a fitness freak then you must know about useful fitness tips. Just share your tips by writing for your readers.

Now you might be asking where to write. You can write anywhere you want.

You can create a website about health & fitness and write there. 

Many people are searching on google how to keep fit. Then they will find your article on google and thus you can help them keep fit.

Now you might have a question about how to earn from it!

You can earn from it in many ways, trust me.

Some best ways to make money through blogging

  1. You can add “Google Adsense” to your website and earn from the visitors of your website by showing them Ads.
  1. You can sell your products on your site to your visitors and make a handsome amount of money.
  1. You can do Affiliate marketing and sell someone else products and earn a good commission.
  1. You can do CPA marketing and promote something to your visitors and earn money.
  1. You can Promote products of some company and earn a good amount of money from the company. For that you need to find a company that sponsors you.

But let me tell you one thing, to be a professional blogger you must need a website. Don't worry about it because making a website is so easy today.

You can make a website easily by wordpress. For that you don't need to know coding or anything. Only you have to know some basic knowledge of design.

First of all you need to buy a Domain & a Hosting for your website. Then you have to connect your domain and hosting together. Then you have to install wordpress and set up a theme for your website. 

This is so simple once you learn to set up a wordpress site.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically selling others products and earning a commission from the profit of the sellers.

Nowadays Affiliate marketing is one of the best earning sources for bloggers. Almost every company offers an affiliate commission for their products.

Many people are making so much money by doing only affiliate marketing today that you couldn't imagine. 

The interesting part of it is you can earn while you are sleeping also. This is one of the best passive earning sources for many people.

Though I told you before that with blogging you can do Affiliate marketing but there are some other ways available also.

Some best ways to do Affiliate marketing

  1. First of all you can generate Affiliate sales by making a blog site or blogging.
  1. You can also generate Affiliate sales by sending email to your visitors. This is called Email marketing.
  1. You can run paid ads of the products on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram to generate sales.
  1. And the easiest but hardest method is doing SEO to your affiliate website. This is the free method for generating sales.

For doing Affiliate marketing you can also use your social media pages, groups & Youtube channels also. So there are a lot of ways to make Affiliate earnings.

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CPA marketing

CPA means Cost Per Action. CPA marketing is basically promoting an offer of a company.

The company pays you money for generating specific leads from the customer like pin submit, zip submit or email submit.

CPA marketing is not selling a product. CPA is completing an offer by the visitor or client. This is also called ”Lead generation”.

Many people are doing CPA marketing and earning 1000$+ in one day. You might not believe but I saw many people who are doing amazing.

Some best ways to do CPA marketing.

  1. You can make a website and there you can promote your CPA offers to your visitors.
  1. You can run paid ads in Facebook & Google to promote your offer easily by spending some money.
  1. You can also use your Facebook groups to promote exciting offers to your members.
  1. You can use Email marketing also for promoting CPA offers and many people love it.

Some people also use their youtube channel for CPA offer promotion. So you can try that too.

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Digital marketing

Marketing is everywhere today. From the very beginning, people are promoting their products to the customer through marketing.

But Today everything is going digital. So Digital marketing is a very demanding skill today.

Nowadays, many people are starting their new business and they need to promote their product online. 

So as a Digital marketer you can help them grow their business online and they will pay you a good charge for that.

You can also grow your own business and sell your own products by Digital marketing. There are so many ways and options available.

Some best reason to learn Digital marketing

  1. First of all, you can promote your own products or services correctly and sell them wisely.
  1. You can also help other people grow their business and earn good money monthly.
  1. You can teach other people and make your own digital marketing tutorial. Thus you can earn money.
  1. You can create a youtube channel and teach people online about Digital marketing.
  1. There are many companies who want to hire a digital marketer at a good salary. So there are a lot of opportunities.

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I think in today's generation, everyone knows about Freelancing or at least heard about it once.

Freelancing is basically working for others in your free time. So there is no particular time schedule to work. You find your own time to work.

Many students and housewives are doing freelancing as a part-time income and earning at least 500$ to 2000$ per month. It’s a huge amount of money for students.

By doing freelancing you can learn a skill more professionally and you can be an expert on it. So, it's a great opportunity for the students. 

Some easy and best skills to start freelancing

  1. If you have no skills then you can start working with easy skills like a content writer, data entry, etc. These skills are easy to learn and you can start within a week.
  1. If you are good at design & art then you can do graphics design, UI- UX design, Video editing, etc. These skills are a little bit harder but you can earn a lot with these skills. I highly suggest these skills.
  1. There are some hard skills too, like web development, and android apps development. These skills are hard to learn but the earning from these skills are the highest. In the marketplace, there are so many demands for these skills.

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Dropshipping is a new trend of business ideas. Basically dropshipping is buying a product from an online marketplace at a cheap cost and selling the product to another marketplace at a higher rate.

For example, someone buys 100 pcs of headphones from Aliexpress at a cheap cost and then sells them separately at a higher price rate on amazon.

Many people are doing this business and many people want to start dropshipping today. It's a very profitable business model.

Nowadays many college students are also doing dropshipping business from their home and earning a lot of money. So you can start it also. 

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a service from for their business clients.

Basically, AmazonFBA is nothing but selling your own products on and earning money simply. This is the selling process of

Suppose you have a factory or business of some products, you have to send some of your products to the Amazon warehouse first. Then when someone orders your products on Amazon, they will sell it and you can earn your profit from it.

Many people are earning 10000$+ monthly by just doing amazon FBA and most of them are students. But to start this business you need to invest some money first.

Youtube channel

Videos are the new trend of entertainment today. Nowadays everyone watches YouTube videos. I think you already know that there is an opportunity to earn money from youtube videos. 

There are various ways to earn money from a Youtube channel. Like, google Adsense, sponsorship, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, etc.

Because of having so many earning options, youtube is so popular nowadays.

Youtubers are earning a lot of money by simply making videos. So why don't you create your own?

Some profitable and easy niche to start Youtube channel

Let's know about some of the easiest and profitable niches by which you can start your own youtube channel.

  1. Craft videos

First of all, you can make crafts videos. This is easy and entertaining and there is a huge audience of craft videos. In this niche, you don't need to show your face either.

  1. Drawings

You can make drawings for the kids. This is also very popular to the children and the audience worldwide. You don't need to show your face either.

  1. Cooking

You can make cooking videos of your own recipes. Nowadays cooking channels are also growing so well and many women are doing this.

  1. Vlogs

If you love to travel then you can do vlogs. There are travel vlog, food vlog, couple of vlog channels. Couple vlogs are the new trend of the Internet.

  1. Review type

Many people are doing review-type videos. Basically, they review a specific product by using it or learning about it from the Internet. Nowadays almost everyone watches review videos before buying a product.

  1. Reaction

Many people are making reaction videos of movies, games, other YouTubers, etc. Basically, this is one kind of review video.

  1. Gaming

Gaming channels are growing so fast and many players are doing so well in this field. They are earning so well on youtube and other platforms too.

  1. Tech

Tech channels are basically all about technology. You can choose a micro-niche like digital marketing or affiliate marketing also. That totally depends on you.

Facebook page

Many people use Facebook for just entertainment but you can earn money from it too. There are many ways to earn money from Facebook. 

You can promote your own products on it, or you can promote other products also. You can earn money by creating a Facebook page and making videos on it. There are monetization options on Facebook also.

Some best ways to earn money from Facebook

  1. You can earn money from a Facebook group by creating a specific niche audience. You can promote your product there and sell them, Or you can promote others' products on your Facebook group and charge them for your service.
  1. You can make videos on Facebook and monetize your videos. Nowadays video makers are earning double from Facebook because it's easy to share. 
  1. You can sell your products or promote your products on facebook by creating a facebook page.
  1. Many affiliate marketers promote their product on Facebook by running ads and they earn so good from Facebook ads.

Instagram page

You will be surprised to know that you can earn money from Instagram also. Many people use Instagram just sharing photos and videos. But Instagram is much bigger than that.

Today many social media influencers come from Instagram. They are earning so well by just building the audience of a particular niche. 

Many people are making posts about beauty, tech, foods, etc and many companies sponsor them to promote their offers.

You can also do affiliate marketing by the Instagram audience. Some people say that, if you have 10k followers on Instagram then you can earn at least 500$ per month.

Top-rated influencers are making thousands of dollars from Instagram and it's growing so fast. So don't be late to start your Instagram journey.


which are the best ways to make money from online ?

The answer is,
Affiliate marketing
CPA marketing
Digital marketing
Amazon FBA
Youtube channel
Facebook page
Instagram page

How much one can earn from blogging and affiliate marketing?

You can earn limitless from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing or Cpa marketing, which is best ?

Both are best in their field but Affiliate marketing can give you long lasting passive earning which CPA marketing can't.

What skills should I learn to do freelancing?

You can start with what you love and what you are interested the most.

Dropshipping or Amazon fba, which one is best?

Both are best, you can do both at the same time if you want but I like Amazon FBA most.

how much time need to reach 1000 subscriber on youtube?

It totally depends on your work and your niche. I saw many people uploading 4 videos on a day and made their first thousand subscribers on just in a month.

Youtube or Facebook, which one is better for earning from videos?

We all know that YouTube is a dedicated platform to share videos, and they are making their platform better day by day. But Facebook videos are easy to share and get more video views. So people are earning more money from Facebook videos today.
But I will prefer YouTube for videos Though you can share your videos on both platform at the same time.