what is the domain name? 15 basics explained for beginners

what is the domain name? and how does it work?

what is the domain name? - a domain is an identity of a website. basically, it's an address to visit a particular website with a name. Like, if you want to visit Facebook then you have to visit facebook.com or, if you want to visit Youtube then you have to go to youtube.com. Here facebook.com and youtube.com are the domain name of these websites.
some other domain name examples are inspireblogs.com, amazon.com, twitter.com, etc.

You can also visit a website with its unique IP address. An IP address looks like a number. example
Every website has an IP address. A domain name basically redirects the visitors to the IP address so that the visitor can visit the site. We don't see the IP address in the address section but there is an IP address for sure.

Types of the domain name

There are two types of domains. They are
1. TLD (Top level Domain)
2. SLD (Sub level Domain)

TLD (Top level Domain)

TLD or Top level domain is the domain with its full authority. This is the part of every domain that comes after a dot.
Like .com , .org , .net , .in , .us , .bd.
These are the example of Top level domain but you can divide TLD domain into two types which are gTLD and ccTLD.

SLD (Sub level Domain)

SLD or sub-level domain is basically a domain that is under the control of a top-level domain. It is an additional part of your main domain.
For example something.blogger.com

here the domain is controlled by blogger.com and the part "something" is the subdomain, "blogger" is the primary domain, and ".com" is the Top-level Domain (TLD).

let's look at another example, ads.facebook.com

here the domain in controlled by facebook.com and the part "ads" is the sub domain here. "facebook" is the primary domain and ".com" is the Top level Domain (TLD).

what is domain registration?

Domain registration is basically the process of registering your desired domain name for you. If you want to grow a website or own a website then you have to register the domain name with a little money. This is domain registration. Note that if someone already had taken your desired domain by his name then you can not register the domain. You have to search for another domain name. But you can buy the registered domain from the domain owner if he agreed to sell the domain to you.

How to register a domain name?

To buy a domain you have to go to a hosting provider who sells the domain and register it by your name. There are many hosting providers who sell domain and hosting. The domain registration is a very simple process of a couple of minutes. Anybody can do it by themselves, so don't worry.
Here is the process,

  1. Go to bluehost.com
  2. Then go to "Domains"
  3. Then search your desired domain name (ex: inspireblogs.com).
  4. If the domain is available to buy then buy the domain with their payment method.

Where is the best place to buy a domain name?

There are many domain name providers in the market right now. So this is tough for beginners to choose the best one. The top domain hosting provider in the market right now are,

  1. bluehost.com
  2. namecheap.com
  3. hostgator.com
  4. hostinger.com

Remember that, to make a website you need a domain and hosting also. So if you want to buy just the domain name for now so that nobody can claim the domain then you can buy the domain at a cheap price at namecheap.com, but if you want to buy both domains and hosting to start making your website now then I will suggest you bluehost.com to buy it.

Bluehost.com is the best hosting provider in the market right now and its services are top level. The reason to suggest bluehost.com is that they will give you a free domain for one year when you buy their hosting services. So you don't need to buy a domain with money. That's why I suggest buying bluehost.com to buy the domain and hosting.

To learn more about web hosting, read this article.

How much is a .com domain?

Generally, it depends on the domain name provider that how much or less price they can sell a domain. There are some other additional services like admin panel, DNS management, support team, whois control, security system, etc with the domain. That's why the cost of a domain name is different in different sites. Though different TLD domain costs different prices, I will give you the current price of domains in different sites.

Bluehost.comfree!! (with hosting)free!! (with hosting)free!! (with hosting)

How can I get a free .com website domain?

There are so many ways to get a free domain name but it's not 100% free. To build/make a website you must buy a domain along with hosting. In bluehost.com you will get a free domain name when you buy their hosting services. So I will suggest you buy hosting from bluehost.com because they are the top best-hosting provider in the market right now. Their user experience and support system are awesome and they are the best in selling domain and hosting. Whenever you are in trouble, their support team will ready to help you 24/7. Check out their offers. You just have to buy a hosting plan from bluehost.com and you will get a Top-level Domain free for one year!!

bluehost shared ssd hosting comparison
Bluehost shared ssd hosting prices.

You can buy any of these hosting packages and you will get a free domain for one year. If you are a beginner then i will suggest you to buy to basic hosting packages because of it's lowest price.

Why should I buy a domain name?

If you want to make a website then you must buy a domain name. Because without a domain name you can't make a website for your company or services and people will not find you easily. So you need to buy a domain name basically for three reasons-

  1. To make your website
  2. To promote your brand or services
  3. To generate more sales from your work

How can I see who own the domain?

If you want to see the details of a domain name owner or you want to contact the owner of that domain then you have to go to who.is, this website shows you all the details about any website owner and every detail about that domain. You can also check your own domain if it's registered with your name or another person.

who.is will show you the owner name, name servers, ip address, registered date, expire date, owner's address and emails, DNS records, etc.

How do I buy a domain that is taken?

If you want to buy a domain name that is already taken by another person, then you have to buy the domain from the user directly. There is no other option available for this. So you have to go to who.is and see the details of the owner and contact him/her. You can email them with your proposal so that they can contact you back if they are interested to sell the domain. Remember that, buying a taken domain will cost you huge money. So it's better to find a new web address always.

How can I sell a domain?

The domain selling market is huge and growing day by day. Many people sell their existing domain or whole website they make at a really good price. There are many websites that are sold up to 50,000 $. So there is a big opportunity to earn a lot of money with a simple website. There are many marketplaces to sell domain and websites, but the best are - full article

  1. Flippa.com
  2. sedo.com
  3. afternic.com
  4. freemarket.com
  5. websitebroker.com

How do I protect my domain name?

There are some common mistakes for which you can lose your domain. But if you are much aware of it then no one can harm your website. Here is some tips to protect your domain from losing.

  1. Buy the domain from a trusted register.
  2. Check your domain's who.is information.
  3. Lock your domain from being register by other through register lock.
  4. Hide important information from your who.is info.
  5. Choose another Gmail id for other purposes.
  6. Use a strong password to register your domain.
  7. Register your domain name for a long period you can.
  8. Choose an auto-renew option from your register.
  9. Be aware of domain scams.


What is domain?

Domain is basically the name of a website by which we can visit a particular website. Every website has a domain name like google.com , facebook.com , yahoo.com , etc. These are the example of domain names.
To learn more about domain read the full article

What is top level domain or TLD?

TLD or Top level domain is the domain with its full authority. This is the part of every domain that comes after a dot. For example .com , .org , .net , .in , .us , .bd.
These are the Top level domain.

How much is the price of a .com domain?

The price of a domain varies from providers to providers. Different websites will show you different prices but you can buy a .com domain for nearly $8 to $13.

Best websites to buy domain and hosting?

The best websites for buying domain hosting are,