What is the Affiliate marketing | How to do it

If you want to know what affiliate marketing is, it’s a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate's marketing efforts. The merchant pays the affiliate a commission for traffic or sales generated through the affiliate's efforts. The industry has been overgrowing over the past few years and is worth more than $6.5 billion! It’s a pretty big amount! Doesn’t it?

However, there are different ways to go about affiliate marketing, and it can be a great way to make some extra income on the side. In this guide, we'll discuss what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and the different ways you can go about setting up your program. 

So let's stop the ado and dive in-depth-

What is affiliate marketing? How does it work? 

Affiliate marketing programs allow websites with large audiences to earn money by referring customers to products or services offered by other businesses. Affiliates are given a unique tracking link to link to the product or service they are promoting. If a customer clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase, the affiliate is then paid a commission by the merchant.

The affiliate marketing industry has four leading players: the merchant, the network, the publisher, and the customer. The merchant is the owner of the product or service. The network is the company that manages the relationships between the merchants and the publishers. The publisher is the individual/company that promotes the products/services of the merchant on their website or blog. The customer is the person who ultimately buys the product or service.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be an extremely profitable way to generate website traffic and sell products or services. When the total system is built correctly, affiliate marketing can also provide high customer loyalty, as affiliates are incentivized to promote the products or services they believe in.

It can be an extremely profitable way to monetize a website. In affiliate marketing, you partner with a company that sells a product or service (you agree to promote their product in exchange for a commission on the sales that you generate). There are several benefits of affiliate marketing:

How to get started with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a passive income. It's a process of earning a commission by promoting someone else's product or service. There are many different ways to do affiliate marketing, but the basics are always the same.

First, you need to find a product or service to promote. Then, you need to find a good affiliate program that will pay you a commission for each sale that you make. Next, you need to create a website or blog to promote the product

or service. Finally, you need to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners:

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make some extra money on the side or even turn it into a full-time business. However, it can be not easy to get started if you don't know where to begin.

Here are a few tips to help you get started with affiliate marketing:

1. Choose the right affiliate program.

2. Find a product or service that you believe in and that you would be proud to promote.

3. Create valuable content to help your audience solve a problem or achieve a goal.

4. Promote your content on social media.

5. Keep patience, research huge and be a hard worker.

6. Stop expecting to earn from the first day!

Top affiliate marketing programs:

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards

one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought to the site by the

affiliate's marketing efforts.

There are many affiliate marketing programs, but not all of them are good. The best programs have high commissions, offer a wide range of products and services, and have a low barrier to entry. Some of the best affiliate marketing programs

include the following:

1. Amazon Associates

2. Commission Junction

3. ShareASale

4. Rakuten Marketing

5. eBay Partner Network

How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Website?

Users need to build an affiliate marketing website targeting the main four cores of affiliate marketing. These four cores are- the merchant, the network, the publisher, and the customer.

To create an affiliate marketing website, you'll need to:

Finally, when someone clicks on one of your affiliate links (placed through your web content) and completes a purchase, you'll earn a commission.

How does an affiliate marketer get paid?

There are a few different ways that affiliate marketers can get paid. The two most common are pay-per-click and pay-per-sale. The affiliate marketer gets paid every time someone clicks on their link to the merchant's site in pay-per-click. The affiliate marketer receives a commission for every sale they generate in pay-per-sale.

How do I start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

The first step in affiliate marketing is to find a product to promote. You can find products on websites like Amazon, Clickbank, and Etsy. Once you find a product, you need
to create a website or blog to promote it. You can also create social media profiles to promote the product.

What are affiliate marketing simple words?

 An advertiser pays the affiliate a commission for generating a sale. The commission can be anywhere from zero to 50% or more, depending on the agreement between the advertiser and the affiliate.

Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

Affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money. But, you have to treat it like a business. You need to learn how to find good affiliate programs, create content that will attract people to your site, and drive traffic to your offers. When done correctly, affiliate marketing can be a very profitable way to make money online.

Final Thoughts: The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Everything You Need to Know:

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money online. It's a process of earning a commission by promoting other people's products. However, it's not as simple as putting up a few banner ads and expecting the money to start rolling in.

A lot of work goes into becoming a successful affiliate marketer. You need to build up a website, create valuable content, and find the right products to promote. You also need to build relationships with other bloggers and promote your content on social media.

Never forget the importance of your overall planning in the affiliate field. The key to a successful affiliate marketing business is to have a plan and keep patience. You need to know what you're doing, where you're going, and how you're going to get there. This guide will help you start and grow your affiliate marketing business.

That's all about what is affiliate marketing; I Hope soon come with another important topic.

What is SEO meaning ? | 3 SEO basics for beginners

“SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.

SEO is basically trying to get the top positions for search results on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

We are living in an era of the internet and digitalization. Now we can search and find anything without wasting a minute. 

What is SEO meaning ?
What is SEO meaning ?

Everyday billions of people use google and other search engines to search different things. After that search engines show us many results based on our searches. 

Search engines want to show us the best results available on the internet. So what results we see the first are the best results by google or other search engines.

The content that is informative and optimized well for search engines, are shown first on the search result list. This is called SEO.

Is SEO important for every website?

Not at all. There are many bloggers and website owners who don't believe in search engines and they don't focus on SEO, because they run ads on multiple platforms and attract visitors on their sites.

But it's really good to have some organic visitors by the search engines on websites and it can grow your earnings too.

5 best SEO tools for you.

Here are the best SEO tools suggested for you.

5 best seo tools for you
  1. SEMrush  (Premium)
    SEMrush is an all in one digital marketing tool that will help you in every sector of seo and digital marketing.
  2. Ahrefs  (Premium)
    Ahrefs is a keyword research and competitor analysis tool that will help you analyze your site and your competitors' site.
  3. Moz pro  (Premium)
    Moz pro is also a popular keyword research tool.
  4. Google search console  (Free)
    Google search console is also used as a SEO tool. It is one of the best tools to analyze your entire site and it will help you rank fast on google's top search results.
  5. Ubersuggest  (Freemium)
    Ubersuggest is also a keyword analysis and site analysis tool made by famous Digital marketer Neil Patel.

See the Detail information and comparison of these tools from here.

10 Best WordPress SEO plugins for you.

These plugins are the best and must for a wordpress website. I made a detailed article about these plugins, you must check that out.

10 best seo plugins for you
  1. All in one SEO
  2. SEMrush
  3. Yeost SEO
  4. Rankmath SEO
  5. SEO press
  6. SEO quake
  7. Schema pro
  8. Wp rocket
  9. Monsterinsights
  10. Really simple SSL

See the Detail information and comparison of these plugins from here.

Benefits of SEO

There are tons of benefits you can gain from SEO. It gives you the power to achieve your goal and success.

benefits of seo

Let's know the benefits of SEO below.

  1. First of all, SEO helps you appear first on search results.
  2. It gives you organic traffic and targeted audience.
  3. You can reach more people and promote your products or services.
  4. It helps you scale up your business.
  5. SEO gives you the best ROI (Return on Investment).
  6. SEO improves your audience's trust in you.
  7. It gives you 24/7 nonstop free promotion.
  8. It optimizes user experience.
  9. It targets the entire market funnel.
  10. SEO is a long term marketing strategy.

Types of SEO

Yes, there are three types of SEO that marketers and webmasters do on their sites. They are,

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

In this article I will cover both types of SEO. So read the full article carefully.

What is On page SEO?

On page SEO is editing and making your site by following some SEO rules. On page SEO is what we do on our site and make our site valuable to search engines like Google.

on page seo

Some On page SEO works are,

  1. Writing good content.
  2. Making heading and subheadings on your article.
  3. Input an image or video.
  4. Making Internal and external links.
  5. Setup meta links and tags.

What is Off page SEO?

Off page SEO is generating backlinks and social shares for your site. When your site got backlinks from other websites and people share your posts more and more, search engines think your posts and website are helping people find their queries.

off page seo

So search engines rank up your website on search results. This is Off page SEO.

Some Off page SEO works are,

  1. Making some backlinks from other similar websites.
  2. Social bookmarking.
  3. Sharing your content on social media.

What is Technical SEO?

Well Technical SEO is making your site design SEO friendly. Your site speed, site theme, programing, chache, making clickable elements all are called Technical SEO.

technical seo

Some Off page SEO works are,

  1. Increasing your site speed.
  2. Using a good Theme.
  3. Making your site easy to understand.
  4. UI and UX design.
  5. Cache setting.
  6. Email and push notification setup.
  7. Social share options.

How to increase website speed?

To rank top on search engine results, websites loading speed plays a very important role. It also helps to gain visitors satisfaction for your website. So it's very important to increase your website speed.

These are the steps to increase your website speed,

  1. Using a good web hosting
    To increase your site speed the first thing you have to do is, buy a hosting from a good hosting provider. I will suggest Bluehost for you because it's the best and easy for a beginner blogger.
  2. Using a lite speed themes
    The 2nd thing you have to do is, choose a good looking, speedy theme for your wordpress website. There are so many options available but if you want my suggestion then you can read this article.
  3. Using some plugins to boost your site
    The 3rd thing you have to do is, install a cache plugin for your wordpress site. I will suggest to use WP rocket, this plugin is used by all the pro bloggers and it's highly suggested for you too.
  4. Reduce unused javascripts
    If you don't know html, css and javascripts then I will not suggest you to do anything with your themes codes. But if you understand it well, then you can search and reduce some java scripts that are not necessary for your site.
  5. Lazy load images and videos
    Lazy load is a good thing that increases your site speed by loading large images and videos later. It stops loading images at the beginning and load them when you scroll down to that images.

    For lazy load you can use Smush plugin.

Difference Between On page, Off page SEO and Technical SEO.

On page SEO is making your websites content SEO friendly to rank first on search engines.

OFF page SEO is promoting your website and content to other platforms like Social media, Forums, Other websites etc.

Technical SEO is making your website's interface user friendly for the visitors.

How to do SEO on my website? 

To get the targeted results you have to do both on page and off page SEO. There are so many terms of SEO that we should apply on our blog. I am telling you the process of SEO below.

  1. First of all you have to write some good SEO friendly content and publish it on your website.
  2. Then you have to add those articles' URLs on search consoles like google, yahoo etc.
  3. Then you have to design your website's theme properly and make your site SEO friendly.
  4. Then you have to make some backlinks for your site from good reputed sources.
  5. Keep tracking your website regularly and make content consistently.

These are the basic work for making and ranking a website on search engines. There is a lot of work that I don’t tell you in this article because that will crap your mind. So remember that these are the basic works but not everything for seo.


SEO is not a thing that happened overnight, it takes time to get to the top of the search results. SEO is a thing that changes every one month. So do your own research and get amazing results. You can use the paid or free tools for your help.

Top 10 best ways to make money online for students


Hello Friends,

Many of you want to make money for yourself and your family. Making money is not an easy job.

But you already know that many people are making money online from their home. Is this possible?

The answer is a big yes. In the modern digital world, you can make money online in many ways. All you need to have a strong desire and hard work.

Remember, making money is not so easy in any sector. You must work hard and smart with dedication for that.


Today I will tell you about some best ways to make money online and you can earn a lot from these. People are already making a lot of money with these so why are you not? Let's start your online journey.

NB: Read the full article and don't miss the end if you are a student or a housewife.

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. CPA marketing
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Freelancing
  6. Dropshipping
  7. Amazon FBA
  8. Youtube channel
  9. Facebook page
  10. Instagram page

Let's have a discussion about all of these earning sources.


Blogging is one of my most favourite things for making money. Blogging is basically writing about something you know better.

For example, if you are a fitness freak then you must know about useful fitness tips. Just share your tips by writing for your readers.

Now you might be asking where to write. You can write anywhere you want.

You can create a website about health & fitness and write there. 

Many people are searching on google how to keep fit. Then they will find your article on google and thus you can help them keep fit.

Now you might have a question about how to earn from it!

You can earn from it in many ways, trust me.

Some best ways to make money through blogging

  1. You can add “Google Adsense” to your website and earn from the visitors of your website by showing them Ads.
  1. You can sell your products on your site to your visitors and make a handsome amount of money.
  1. You can do Affiliate marketing and sell someone else products and earn a good commission.
  1. You can do CPA marketing and promote something to your visitors and earn money.
  1. You can Promote products of some company and earn a good amount of money from the company. For that you need to find a company that sponsors you.

But let me tell you one thing, to be a professional blogger you must need a website. Don't worry about it because making a website is so easy today.

You can make a website easily by wordpress. For that you don't need to know coding or anything. Only you have to know some basic knowledge of design.

First of all you need to buy a Domain & a Hosting for your website. Then you have to connect your domain and hosting together. Then you have to install wordpress and set up a theme for your website. 

This is so simple once you learn to set up a wordpress site.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically selling others products and earning a commission from the profit of the sellers.

Nowadays Affiliate marketing is one of the best earning sources for bloggers. Almost every company offers an affiliate commission for their products.

Many people are making so much money by doing only affiliate marketing today that you couldn't imagine. 

The interesting part of it is you can earn while you are sleeping also. This is one of the best passive earning sources for many people.

Though I told you before that with blogging you can do Affiliate marketing but there are some other ways available also.

Some best ways to do Affiliate marketing

  1. First of all you can generate Affiliate sales by making a blog site or blogging.
  1. You can also generate Affiliate sales by sending email to your visitors. This is called Email marketing.
  1. You can run paid ads of the products on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram to generate sales.
  1. And the easiest but hardest method is doing SEO to your affiliate website. This is the free method for generating sales.

For doing Affiliate marketing you can also use your social media pages, groups & Youtube channels also. So there are a lot of ways to make Affiliate earnings.

NB: To learn more details about Affiliate marketing you can check out this article. There I share everything about Affiliate marketing, must check.

CPA marketing

CPA means Cost Per Action. CPA marketing is basically promoting an offer of a company.

The company pays you money for generating specific leads from the customer like pin submit, zip submit or email submit.

CPA marketing is not selling a product. CPA is completing an offer by the visitor or client. This is also called ”Lead generation”.

Many people are doing CPA marketing and earning 1000$+ in one day. You might not believe but I saw many people who are doing amazing.

Some best ways to do CPA marketing.

  1. You can make a website and there you can promote your CPA offers to your visitors.
  1. You can run paid ads in Facebook & Google to promote your offer easily by spending some money.
  1. You can also use your Facebook groups to promote exciting offers to your members.
  1. You can use Email marketing also for promoting CPA offers and many people love it.

Some people also use their youtube channel for CPA offer promotion. So you can try that too.

NB: If you want to learn more about CPA marketing then you can check this article. I have explained every detail about it there.

Digital marketing

Marketing is everywhere today. From the very beginning, people are promoting their products to the customer through marketing.

But Today everything is going digital. So Digital marketing is a very demanding skill today.

Nowadays, many people are starting their new business and they need to promote their product online. 

So as a Digital marketer you can help them grow their business online and they will pay you a good charge for that.

You can also grow your own business and sell your own products by Digital marketing. There are so many ways and options available.

Some best reason to learn Digital marketing

  1. First of all, you can promote your own products or services correctly and sell them wisely.
  1. You can also help other people grow their business and earn good money monthly.
  1. You can teach other people and make your own digital marketing tutorial. Thus you can earn money.
  1. You can create a youtube channel and teach people online about Digital marketing.
  1. There are many companies who want to hire a digital marketer at a good salary. So there are a lot of opportunities.

NB: If you want to learn more about digital marketing then you can check this article. You will find a lot more detail here.


I think in today's generation, everyone knows about Freelancing or at least heard about it once.

Freelancing is basically working for others in your free time. So there is no particular time schedule to work. You find your own time to work.

Many students and housewives are doing freelancing as a part-time income and earning at least 500$ to 2000$ per month. It’s a huge amount of money for students.

By doing freelancing you can learn a skill more professionally and you can be an expert on it. So, it's a great opportunity for the students. 

Some easy and best skills to start freelancing

  1. If you have no skills then you can start working with easy skills like a content writer, data entry, etc. These skills are easy to learn and you can start within a week.
  1. If you are good at design & art then you can do graphics design, UI- UX design, Video editing, etc. These skills are a little bit harder but you can earn a lot with these skills. I highly suggest these skills.
  1. There are some hard skills too, like web development, and android apps development. These skills are hard to learn but the earning from these skills are the highest. In the marketplace, there are so many demands for these skills.

NB: If you want to learn more about freelancing, then you can check out my article about freelancing.


Dropshipping is a new trend of business ideas. Basically dropshipping is buying a product from an online marketplace at a cheap cost and selling the product to another marketplace at a higher rate.

For example, someone buys 100 pcs of headphones from Aliexpress at a cheap cost and then sells them separately at a higher price rate on amazon.

Many people are doing this business and many people want to start dropshipping today. It's a very profitable business model.

Nowadays many college students are also doing dropshipping business from their home and earning a lot of money. So you can start it also. 

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a service from amazon.com for their business clients.

Basically, AmazonFBA is nothing but selling your own products on amazon.com and earning money simply. This is the selling process of amazon.com.

Suppose you have a factory or business of some products, you have to send some of your products to the Amazon warehouse first. Then when someone orders your products on Amazon, they will sell it and you can earn your profit from it.

Many people are earning 10000$+ monthly by just doing amazon FBA and most of them are students. But to start this business you need to invest some money first.

Youtube channel

Videos are the new trend of entertainment today. Nowadays everyone watches YouTube videos. I think you already know that there is an opportunity to earn money from youtube videos. 

There are various ways to earn money from a Youtube channel. Like, google Adsense, sponsorship, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, etc.

Because of having so many earning options, youtube is so popular nowadays.

Youtubers are earning a lot of money by simply making videos. So why don't you create your own?

Some profitable and easy niche to start Youtube channel

Let's know about some of the easiest and profitable niches by which you can start your own youtube channel.

  1. Craft videos

First of all, you can make crafts videos. This is easy and entertaining and there is a huge audience of craft videos. In this niche, you don't need to show your face either.

  1. Drawings

You can make drawings for the kids. This is also very popular to the children and the audience worldwide. You don't need to show your face either.

  1. Cooking

You can make cooking videos of your own recipes. Nowadays cooking channels are also growing so well and many women are doing this.

  1. Vlogs

If you love to travel then you can do vlogs. There are travel vlog, food vlog, couple of vlog channels. Couple vlogs are the new trend of the Internet.

  1. Review type

Many people are doing review-type videos. Basically, they review a specific product by using it or learning about it from the Internet. Nowadays almost everyone watches review videos before buying a product.

  1. Reaction

Many people are making reaction videos of movies, games, other YouTubers, etc. Basically, this is one kind of review video.

  1. Gaming

Gaming channels are growing so fast and many players are doing so well in this field. They are earning so well on youtube and other platforms too.

  1. Tech

Tech channels are basically all about technology. You can choose a micro-niche like digital marketing or affiliate marketing also. That totally depends on you.

Facebook page

Many people use Facebook for just entertainment but you can earn money from it too. There are many ways to earn money from Facebook. 

You can promote your own products on it, or you can promote other products also. You can earn money by creating a Facebook page and making videos on it. There are monetization options on Facebook also.

Some best ways to earn money from Facebook

  1. You can earn money from a Facebook group by creating a specific niche audience. You can promote your product there and sell them, Or you can promote others' products on your Facebook group and charge them for your service.
  1. You can make videos on Facebook and monetize your videos. Nowadays video makers are earning double from Facebook because it's easy to share. 
  1. You can sell your products or promote your products on facebook by creating a facebook page.
  1. Many affiliate marketers promote their product on Facebook by running ads and they earn so good from Facebook ads.

Instagram page

You will be surprised to know that you can earn money from Instagram also. Many people use Instagram just sharing photos and videos. But Instagram is much bigger than that.

Today many social media influencers come from Instagram. They are earning so well by just building the audience of a particular niche. 

Many people are making posts about beauty, tech, foods, etc and many companies sponsor them to promote their offers.

You can also do affiliate marketing by the Instagram audience. Some people say that, if you have 10k followers on Instagram then you can earn at least 500$ per month.

Top-rated influencers are making thousands of dollars from Instagram and it's growing so fast. So don't be late to start your Instagram journey.


which are the best ways to make money from online ?

The answer is,
Affiliate marketing
CPA marketing
Digital marketing
Amazon FBA
Youtube channel
Facebook page
Instagram page

How much one can earn from blogging and affiliate marketing?

You can earn limitless from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing or Cpa marketing, which is best ?

Both are best in their field but Affiliate marketing can give you long lasting passive earning which CPA marketing can't.

What skills should I learn to do freelancing?

You can start with what you love and what you are interested the most.

Dropshipping or Amazon fba, which one is best?

Both are best, you can do both at the same time if you want but I like Amazon FBA most.

how much time need to reach 1000 subscriber on youtube?

It totally depends on your work and your niche. I saw many people uploading 4 videos on a day and made their first thousand subscribers on just in a month.

Youtube or Facebook, which one is better for earning from videos?

We all know that YouTube is a dedicated platform to share videos, and they are making their platform better day by day. But Facebook videos are easy to share and get more video views. So people are earning more money from Facebook videos today.
But I will prefer YouTube for videos Though you can share your videos on both platform at the same time.

Top 10 best free WordPress themes for a blog - review

free WordPress themes

Whether you want to create a beautiful blog or website for yourself or a website you want to create professionally for your client, the purpose is usually that you can easily create or create a beautiful website that you want with a WordPress theme. Moreover, people who usually work with WordPress need a theme to make their work easier and more beautiful.


A website or web is like your home. So in these cases, big websites invest a lot of money in these projects to bring their professional looks. And in this case, the theme is very much needed. Theme plays a very effective role in making a website attractive. Because the look on your website is dynamic, the visitor must like to be on your site. And the visitor is called the lifeblood of the website.

And to retain website visitors, your site must have attractive design or a beautiful look on your site. In today's article, I'll discuss with you the top 10 WordPress themes that you can use to make your website dynamic. So let's first find out what WordPress' theme is.

What is WordPress theme?

WordPress' themes are usually created using many files, and the themes used by a WordPress site are reflected in them. Simply put, WordPress theme is a set of files that usually work together to create a graphical design that is called WordPress theme.

WordPress themes depend on the site's sidebar, menu, and more. And these themes indicate how a website will be displayed. WordPress theme files are called template files. You can highlight your website interestingly with a beautiful theme in front of visitors.

Let's find out about 10 best free WordPress themes review without any delay


  1. Astra

One of the most loved themes for WordPress users is Astra. This theme is usually a very popular theme because of the quick website load. If you use this theme, your entire website will be loaded in 1.5 seconds. You can create any kind of professional website by using this theme.

You can create beautiful websites here without designing any kind using pre-built website demos. Some amazing features of the astra theme are:

  1. Layout setting
  2. Header option
  3. Blog and archives design
  4. clean and square code
  5. Seo optimized

There are also many other features to stop this. If you use this theme once you use it, you won't mind using any other WordPress theme. This theme has a premium version, but you can also use its free version if you want. But if you can use the premium version of this theme, you will understand the difference between this theme with another SIM. You can present your website to visitors in a very interesting way.

  1. Ocean Wp

This theme is interesting and excellent among WordPress themes. Using this theme allows you to present your website professionally to visitors. It has many fast WordPress themes and has beautiful lightweight systems. You can use this theme completely free of charge on your website. This theme will usually offer benefits like Astra and Generate press.

And through this you will find various Free built demo sites that you can use to create a beautiful website in no time.

This theme is excellent for your website's ranking factor and will make your website ranking very quickly. And using this theme you can create any kind of website if you think. Such as:

  1. Portfolio website
  2. Blog
  3. Ecommerce website
  4. Company website
  5. News site

You can create any kind of professional website using this theme.

You can also easily build pages with this picture. E.g.

  1. Elementor
  2. Beaver builder
  3. Divi
  4. Site origin

You will get these modern benefits through this theme. So if you can customize these three properly and use them on your blog, your blog will look very interesting so that you can retain the desired visitors to your blog.

  1. Generate Press

Currently, it is the fastest and fastest WordPress theme. This theme is usually developed by a developer named "Tom us borne". Moreover, the loading speed of this theme is very good, and it is used in clean and lightweight code. And it's usually a professional WordPress theme that is 30kb size.

The theme is designed to be simple so that visitors to your website can read your articles very well. You can use this theme to create any kind of good quality website. In this theme you will find some customized options that are advanced and simple. This beautiful theme can be used for free if you want and has a paid theme. Using this theme on your website allows you to make your website dynamite.

  1. Hestia

Hestia is an advanced and high power flower that is a business theme. And this theme has been specifically optimized for page speed. So if you want to use this theme, you don't need to worry about the speed of the site. Also, this theme is a complete SEO friendly theme that doesn't require you to get much momentum to get the site ranked.

The customization option of the theme is generally easy, you can easily change, modify, add and subtract something. Hestia is a suitable WordPress theme for any kind of product e-commerce website. The most important thing is that this theme has an extra feature called 'Content Builder' that will give you many other benefits of ordering your products, arranging products through this theme.

  1. Education Hub

Education Hub is a WordPress theme that is beautiful, interesting and responsive. This theme is a great working theme for websites that are usually created for school-college-university or other educational work. But one thing this theme is not made for learning only. You can use it very well if you want to do business as well.

This theme is a theme worth using on most websites. You can customize this theme from layout as you wish. And the setting of this theme is very simple and controlled by strong options panels. The Education Hub theme will help you make your website easy and professional. You can use this theme as a blog theme if you want to do anything educational or official.

You can buy this interesting theme from Themeplace.com at a very affordable price. You can purchase this theme from here for $59 with a license key. You can buy three from here and customize your website beautifully without any hassle.

  1. Estory Theme

Estore Theme is a free available WordPress theme specifically built for the woocommerce platform. It's very easy to connect your commerce store with Estore Theme. Also, this theme can be beautifully customized very easily. These three are usually designed for e-commerce, but if customers think they can customize this theme as they wish and use it on their blog. You can easily install any type of tool and plugin in this theme. This theme is a beautiful and useful theme for eCommerce websites. So those who usually want to create e-commerce websites can easily download this theme and use it on your site. You can download this theme free of charge from any site.

  1. Zimple Lite

Zimple Lite is a very interesting, beautiful and extraordinary WordPress theme. This theme is generally customized very well for ad display and page speed. Home post display and an attractive sidebar have made its design 100% user-friendly. A completely ad-friendly theme, Hawaii, allows you to earn a lot of money by showing ads from your blog. If you can create personal blogs, fashion or lifestyle websites with the theme, you will definitely get better results.

You'll get this wonderful theme through the theme forest website. If you take the paid version, you'll have to spend $20 to get it from there. You can use the theme on your blog or website by fearlessly purchasing the theme through this website.

  1. News paperX

Not to mention this theme. News paperX theme is basically a WordPress theme that is very interesting and pleasant for news, magazines and blogs. This theme is designed by Bootstrap, so it is usually very easy to customize. If you want to come to your blog and read your articles for a long time, you can use this theme. Also, if you think you're going to have a lot of text on your homepage, this theme could be ideal for you. And also you can earn a good amount by having a lot of ad connections on this theme. It is currently one of the most popular themes for WordPress users.

You can find this theme through the theme forest website to sell the world's most popular website theme. You need to spend $59 to buy this theme from here. From here you can easily set up the theme on your website.

  1. Edigital Market

Edigital Market is a free WordPress theme for selling mobile, desktop, plugin, e-book, audio, software, video, fonts, and a variety of other digital products. The theme is super customizable and easy to use to ensure users maximize all levels of data. You can use this theme no matter what products you want to sell online, small or big. This theme is very interesting and interesting for the e-commerce website. People who do business online or who have a website and want to buy and sell products on their website can use this theme for their site.

  1. Tyche Theme

This theme is usually designed to shop for clothes specifically. And it has excellent typography facilities that help attract customers. You will also get the benefit of a lot of excellent features by stopping this. And looking at these features, you won't feel like you're using a free theme for once. The theme is compatible with individual WooCommerce plugins. And this theme has made very clean code and smooth design more popular. This theme will be great for those who usually want to create business websites who can use this theme. Because it is one of the best WordPress themes to create business websites. And you don't even have to buy this SIM with money.

Some important things before taking the theme

It's usually important to create a website with a WordPress theme. Because the design of the website depends not only on one theme but also on the one theme on which all the activities of the website depend. So when you go to buy a WordPress theme, you won't buy it out of inclination. And one of the most popular marketplaces to buy themes in Theme forest You can buy fearless good quality themes from here.

I have given you 10 best free WordPress themes reviews. Here you can buy the theme that matches the theme for your website you like or use the free version. Because the theme will bring complete fulfillment to your website, you must be aware of this. If you want to take your website to a professional level, I think you must buy and use a good premium theme. Because no matter how good the free theme is, you won't get the benefits like a premium theme here. So if all goes well, you can choose any of the themes above for your website and customize them on your website.

Finally, you can design your website with a beautiful theme. And the better your website design, the more attractive your site will seem to users. And if users like your site, they will visit your site regularly and read your blog. Also, no matter how good your writing is, if your site is not designed well, the visitor will enter your site and leave without reading your text. So if the design of your site is professional, the visitor will be comfortable staying there.

And for that you must need a WordPress theme. The theme makes your site's design much easier. You will also find a variety of advanced features that make your site more attractive and spectacular to users. So, without delay, definitely choose one of the best themes for your website and customize it on your website and build your site professionally.

What is web hosting? 10 basics explained for Beginners- guide

what is web hosting?

Web hosting is a storage service where all the files of your website are hosted and live. Every file like photos, videos, text, PDF is being hosted and stored in a web hosting. So it’s like the home of your website. Web hosting is basically storage that keeps on 24/7 so that your website stays on always. Whenever a visitor comes to your website, the hosting shows the necessary files to your visitor. That's how we visit a website. Every website on the internet needs web hosting for sure.

what is web hosting, basics explained for beginners - guide

Why do you need a web hosting service?

You know that a website can be a host on your desktop computer also, so why you should buy hosting and spend dollars on it? Yes, you can host your website in your desktop storage and make it online but you can’t keep on your pc for 24/7 right? So whenever a visitor comes to your website, he/she can’t visit your website if your pc is off. Whenever you shut down your pc, your website will be unavailable to your visitors. That’s why everyone buys a storage service online so that their website will be available 24/7 on the net. There are some other reasons for buying good web hosting.

For example,

How does web hosting works?

When a visitor enters your domain name in the browser, it is translated and redirected into the IP address of your web hosting servers computer. This computer contains your website’s every file and it sends those files back to the user's browsers. So when a visitor wants to visit your website, all they need to do is type your website domain or address into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your website will be shown to them through the browser.

Best web hosting providers for beginner

There are thousands of websites that sell hosting services but everyone is not trusted. Before buying a hosting service you have to know about the hosting providers. Are they trusted? Are they selling the best quality hosting services for you? Are their price is so high? Don't worry about it, because I'm gonna share some of the best quality hosting providers who are trusted and have millions of customers for years.

1. Bluehost.com

bluehost.com detailed review

Bluehost.com is the best web hosting provider for beginners. They are the most selling hosting provider in the world right now. They have millions of customers and they run this business since 2003. Their support services are just awesome and their hosting speed is so good. The price of their hosting plans is also cheap and you will get a free domain for one year when you buy any of their hosting plans, isn't it cool? Everyone loves Bluehost.com for this and they are the best for beginners. If you are a beginner then I suggest you buy your first website from them.

Bluehost Quick review

SSD hosting starts from$2.95/month (including 66% comission)
Free DomainYes (with hosting)
Free SSLYes
Free add-onYes
Free CDNYes
Security serviceYes
Uptime Guarantee99.99%
Response Time491 ms
Transfer DomainYes
User-friendly cPanelYes
Email serviceYes
Website builderYes (Free)
Money-back guaranteeYes
24/7 support Yes
Live Chat supportYes
Cloud hostingNo
ClientsOver 2 Million

2. A2hosting.com

a2hosting.com detailed review

a2hosting.com is also a well known hosting company. This site is also suggested for beginners only. Their hosting price is cheap and their services are top-level. This is the second-best quality hosting provider for beginner bloggers. Also, they have the fastest web hosting service in the market right now.

A2hosting Quick review

SSD hosting starts from$2.99/month (including 66% comission)
Free DomainYes (with hosting)
Free SSLYes
Free add-onYes
Free CDNYes
Security serviceYes
Uptime Guarantee99.98%
Response Time305 ms
Transfer DomainYes
User-friendly cPanelYes
Email serviceYes
Website builderYes (Free)
Money-back guaranteeYes
24/7 support Yes
Live Chat supportYes
Cloud hostingYes

3. Siteground.com

Siteground.com is also the best quality web hosting provider but their price is so high because of their most powerful services for web hosting. Siteground.com is used by professional web developers only, this is not for beginner bloggers. If you are a beginner then I will suggest not to buy hosting from them now. At first, grow your website and content then you can think about upgrading your hosting from siteground.com, You can shift or move your website anytime to their hosting so easily.

Siteground hosting Quick review

SSD hosting starts from$6.99/month (including 63% commission)
Free DomainNo
Free SSLYes
Daily backupYes
Free add-onYes
Security serviceYes
Uptime Guarantee99.99%
Response Time673 ms
Transfer DomainYes
User-friendly cPanelYes
Email serviceYes
Website builderYes (Free)
Money-back guaranteeYes
24/7 support Yes
Live Chat supportYes
Cloud hostingYes

Types of web hosting services

There are different types of web hosting available on the net. Different types of web hosting are introduced You have to choose the best package for your website among them based on your needs.
There are 5 types of web hosting, they are -

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting
  5. Reseller Hosting

Let's Look into the detail about these hosting services.

When a website is hosted with many other websites on the same server then it called shared hosting. Because every website is sharing the storage and bandwidth and speed that's why it is called a shared hosting service.

VPS means Virtual private server, this is also known as VDS or Virtual dedicated server. When a virtual server appears to each client as a dedicated server even though it’s actually serving multiple websites. Actually virtual private servers share one physical server between them but act like multiple or, separate servers.

A dedicated hosting server or managed hosting gives you an entire server to rent. So you are not sharing your hosting speed, bandwidth, or anything. Dedicated hosting is much expensive and only be used by professional bloggers only. It is used when a website has a lot of traffic and more server control is required.

Cloud hosting is the most popular and latest hosting services in the market right now. It became extremely popular in the past recent years. What cloud hosting does is store your website in many interconnected web servers in different places. As a result, it loads the website and necessary files from the nearest server available and that's why this type of hosting server can load a website so fast. But you have to pay a much higher cost to purchase this type of hosting service. Cloud hosting is also used by professional bloggers and marketers only.

Reseller Hosting is especially for the entrepreneurs who want to re-sell the hosting plans and make a profit with it. Also, many bloggers and marketers use this type of hosting plan who has multiple websites to host. It gives you some extra tools and features to use. You have to pay much money for this type of hosting and only professionals used it.

Free web hosting sites

Nothing is free on this earth. If you want to make a website that can make you real money and support you and your family then you must invest in the best hosting services. But there is some hosting provider who offers you to host your website with a 0 dollar cost. Some of them are

  1. 000webhost.com
  2. freehostia.com
  3. freehosting.com

Difference between domain and hosting

The difference between domain and hosting is like the sky and ocean. "Domain" is besically the name of an website and "Hosting" is where the entire website is hosted so that whenever a visitor comes to your website it can show the necessary files to your visitor.

To know more about Domain name, read this article

How do I connect to a domain with hosting?

This is so simple to connect a domain with the hosting provider. When you buy the domain and hosting from the same domain hosting provider together like bluehost.com, you don't need to connect them because they are automatically connected to each other. Otherwise, you just need to go to your domain's cPanel and then go to the name server section. In this section, you need to put the name server of your hosting provider given to you. After some time your domain will be connected successfully.

What is the "nameserver" in Web hosting?

Basically, "nameserver" refers your domain name to a server where your website is hosted. So whenever you need to change the hosting of your website you can change the nameserver and connect your domain with your hosting. It's super simple.


what is web hosting?

Web hosting is a storage service where all the files of your website are hosted and live. Every file like photos, videos, text, PDF is being hosted and stored in a web hosting. So it’s like the home of your website. Web hosting is basically storage that keeps on 24/7 so that your website stays on always.

Best websites to buy hosting for beginner ?

There are so many websites to buy hosting like
But for the beginner, I will suggest Bluehost.com because they are providing the best services for the beginner blogger and marketer actually.

Free web hosting sites

There is some hosting provider who offers you to host your website with a 0 dollar cost. Some of them are,

What is the price of the cheapest hosting package in Bluehost.com ?

The regular price is 7.99$/month but after discount it will cost you around 2.95$/month.

what is the domain name? 15 basics explained for beginners

what is the domain name? and how does it work?

what is the domain name? - a domain is an identity of a website. basically, it's an address to visit a particular website with a name. Like, if you want to visit Facebook then you have to visit facebook.com or, if you want to visit Youtube then you have to go to youtube.com. Here facebook.com and youtube.com are the domain name of these websites.
some other domain name examples are inspireblogs.com, amazon.com, twitter.com, etc.

You can also visit a website with its unique IP address. An IP address looks like a number. example
Every website has an IP address. A domain name basically redirects the visitors to the IP address so that the visitor can visit the site. We don't see the IP address in the address section but there is an IP address for sure.

Types of the domain name

There are two types of domains. They are
1. TLD (Top level Domain)
2. SLD (Sub level Domain)

TLD (Top level Domain)

TLD or Top level domain is the domain with its full authority. This is the part of every domain that comes after a dot.
Like .com , .org , .net , .in , .us , .bd.
These are the example of Top level domain but you can divide TLD domain into two types which are gTLD and ccTLD.

SLD (Sub level Domain)

SLD or sub-level domain is basically a domain that is under the control of a top-level domain. It is an additional part of your main domain.
For example something.blogger.com

here the domain is controlled by blogger.com and the part "something" is the subdomain, "blogger" is the primary domain, and ".com" is the Top-level Domain (TLD).

let's look at another example, ads.facebook.com

here the domain in controlled by facebook.com and the part "ads" is the sub domain here. "facebook" is the primary domain and ".com" is the Top level Domain (TLD).

what is domain registration?

Domain registration is basically the process of registering your desired domain name for you. If you want to grow a website or own a website then you have to register the domain name with a little money. This is domain registration. Note that if someone already had taken your desired domain by his name then you can not register the domain. You have to search for another domain name. But you can buy the registered domain from the domain owner if he agreed to sell the domain to you.

How to register a domain name?

To buy a domain you have to go to a hosting provider who sells the domain and register it by your name. There are many hosting providers who sell domain and hosting. The domain registration is a very simple process of a couple of minutes. Anybody can do it by themselves, so don't worry.
Here is the process,

  1. Go to bluehost.com
  2. Then go to "Domains"
  3. Then search your desired domain name (ex: inspireblogs.com).
  4. If the domain is available to buy then buy the domain with their payment method.

Where is the best place to buy a domain name?

There are many domain name providers in the market right now. So this is tough for beginners to choose the best one. The top domain hosting provider in the market right now are,

  1. bluehost.com
  2. namecheap.com
  3. hostgator.com
  4. hostinger.com

Remember that, to make a website you need a domain and hosting also. So if you want to buy just the domain name for now so that nobody can claim the domain then you can buy the domain at a cheap price at namecheap.com, but if you want to buy both domains and hosting to start making your website now then I will suggest you bluehost.com to buy it.

Bluehost.com is the best hosting provider in the market right now and its services are top level. The reason to suggest bluehost.com is that they will give you a free domain for one year when you buy their hosting services. So you don't need to buy a domain with money. That's why I suggest buying bluehost.com to buy the domain and hosting.

To learn more about web hosting, read this article.

How much is a .com domain?

Generally, it depends on the domain name provider that how much or less price they can sell a domain. There are some other additional services like admin panel, DNS management, support team, whois control, security system, etc with the domain. That's why the cost of a domain name is different in different sites. Though different TLD domain costs different prices, I will give you the current price of domains in different sites.

Bluehost.comfree!! (with hosting)free!! (with hosting)free!! (with hosting)

How can I get a free .com website domain?

There are so many ways to get a free domain name but it's not 100% free. To build/make a website you must buy a domain along with hosting. In bluehost.com you will get a free domain name when you buy their hosting services. So I will suggest you buy hosting from bluehost.com because they are the top best-hosting provider in the market right now. Their user experience and support system are awesome and they are the best in selling domain and hosting. Whenever you are in trouble, their support team will ready to help you 24/7. Check out their offers. You just have to buy a hosting plan from bluehost.com and you will get a Top-level Domain free for one year!!

bluehost shared ssd hosting comparison
Bluehost shared ssd hosting prices.

You can buy any of these hosting packages and you will get a free domain for one year. If you are a beginner then i will suggest you to buy to basic hosting packages because of it's lowest price.

Why should I buy a domain name?

If you want to make a website then you must buy a domain name. Because without a domain name you can't make a website for your company or services and people will not find you easily. So you need to buy a domain name basically for three reasons-

  1. To make your website
  2. To promote your brand or services
  3. To generate more sales from your work

How can I see who own the domain?

If you want to see the details of a domain name owner or you want to contact the owner of that domain then you have to go to who.is, this website shows you all the details about any website owner and every detail about that domain. You can also check your own domain if it's registered with your name or another person.

who.is will show you the owner name, name servers, ip address, registered date, expire date, owner's address and emails, DNS records, etc.

How do I buy a domain that is taken?

If you want to buy a domain name that is already taken by another person, then you have to buy the domain from the user directly. There is no other option available for this. So you have to go to who.is and see the details of the owner and contact him/her. You can email them with your proposal so that they can contact you back if they are interested to sell the domain. Remember that, buying a taken domain will cost you huge money. So it's better to find a new web address always.

How can I sell a domain?

The domain selling market is huge and growing day by day. Many people sell their existing domain or whole website they make at a really good price. There are many websites that are sold up to 50,000 $. So there is a big opportunity to earn a lot of money with a simple website. There are many marketplaces to sell domain and websites, but the best are - full article

  1. Flippa.com
  2. sedo.com
  3. afternic.com
  4. freemarket.com
  5. websitebroker.com

How do I protect my domain name?

There are some common mistakes for which you can lose your domain. But if you are much aware of it then no one can harm your website. Here is some tips to protect your domain from losing.

  1. Buy the domain from a trusted register.
  2. Check your domain's who.is information.
  3. Lock your domain from being register by other through register lock.
  4. Hide important information from your who.is info.
  5. Choose another Gmail id for other purposes.
  6. Use a strong password to register your domain.
  7. Register your domain name for a long period you can.
  8. Choose an auto-renew option from your register.
  9. Be aware of domain scams.


What is domain?

Domain is basically the name of a website by which we can visit a particular website. Every website has a domain name like google.com , facebook.com , yahoo.com , etc. These are the example of domain names.
To learn more about domain read the full article

What is top level domain or TLD?

TLD or Top level domain is the domain with its full authority. This is the part of every domain that comes after a dot. For example .com , .org , .net , .in , .us , .bd.
These are the Top level domain.

How much is the price of a .com domain?

The price of a domain varies from providers to providers. Different websites will show you different prices but you can buy a .com domain for nearly $8 to $13.

Best websites to buy domain and hosting?

The best websites for buying domain hosting are,