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Top 10 best free WordPress themes for a blog – review

free WordPress themes

Whether you want to create a beautiful blog or website for yourself or a website you want to create professionally for your client, the purpose is usually that you can easily create or create a beautiful website that you want with a WordPress theme. Moreover, people who usually work with WordPress need a theme to make their work easier and more beautiful.


A website or web is like your home. So in these cases, big websites invest a lot of money in these projects to bring their professional looks. And in this case, the theme is very much needed. Theme plays a very effective role in making a website attractive. Because the look on your website is dynamic, the visitor must like to be on your site. And the visitor is called the lifeblood of the website.

And to retain website visitors, your site must have attractive design or a beautiful look on your site. In today’s article, I’ll discuss with you the top 10 WordPress themes that you can use to make your website dynamic. So let’s first find out what WordPress’ theme is.

What is WordPress theme?

WordPress’ themes are usually created using many files, and the themes used by a WordPress site are reflected in them. Simply put, WordPress theme is a set of files that usually work together to create a graphical design that is called WordPress theme.

WordPress themes depend on the site’s sidebar, menu, and more. And these themes indicate how a website will be displayed. WordPress theme files are called template files. You can highlight your website interestingly with a beautiful theme in front of visitors.

Let’s find out about 10 best free WordPress themes review without any delay


  1. Astra

One of the most loved themes for WordPress users is Astra. This theme is usually a very popular theme because of the quick website load. If you use this theme, your entire website will be loaded in 1.5 seconds. You can create any kind of professional website by using this theme.

You can create beautiful websites here without designing any kind using pre-built website demos. Some amazing features of the astra theme are:

  1. Layout setting
  2. Header option
  3. Blog and archives design
  4. clean and square code
  5. Seo optimized

There are also many other features to stop this. If you use this theme once you use it, you won’t mind using any other WordPress theme. This theme has a premium version, but you can also use its free version if you want. But if you can use the premium version of this theme, you will understand the difference between this theme with another SIM. You can present your website to visitors in a very interesting way.

  1. Ocean Wp

This theme is interesting and excellent among WordPress themes. Using this theme allows you to present your website professionally to visitors. It has many fast WordPress themes and has beautiful lightweight systems. You can use this theme completely free of charge on your website. This theme will usually offer benefits like Astra and Generate press.

And through this you will find various Free built demo sites that you can use to create a beautiful website in no time.

This theme is excellent for your website’s ranking factor and will make your website ranking very quickly. And using this theme you can create any kind of website if you think. Such as:

  1. Portfolio website
  2. Blog
  3. Ecommerce website
  4. Company website
  5. News site

You can create any kind of professional website using this theme.

You can also easily build pages with this picture. E.g.

  1. Elementor
  2. Beaver builder
  3. Divi
  4. Site origin

You will get these modern benefits through this theme. So if you can customize these three properly and use them on your blog, your blog will look very interesting so that you can retain the desired visitors to your blog.

  1. Generate Press

Currently, it is the fastest and fastest WordPress theme. This theme is usually developed by a developer named “Tom us borne”. Moreover, the loading speed of this theme is very good, and it is used in clean and lightweight code. And it’s usually a professional WordPress theme that is 30kb size.

The theme is designed to be simple so that visitors to your website can read your articles very well. You can use this theme to create any kind of good quality website. In this theme you will find some customized options that are advanced and simple. This beautiful theme can be used for free if you want and has a paid theme. Using this theme on your website allows you to make your website dynamite.

  1. Hestia

Hestia is an advanced and high power flower that is a business theme. And this theme has been specifically optimized for page speed. So if you want to use this theme, you don’t need to worry about the speed of the site. Also, this theme is a complete SEO friendly theme that doesn’t require you to get much momentum to get the site ranked.

The customization option of the theme is generally easy, you can easily change, modify, add and subtract something. Hestia is a suitable WordPress theme for any kind of product e-commerce website. The most important thing is that this theme has an extra feature called ‘Content Builder’ that will give you many other benefits of ordering your products, arranging products through this theme.

  1. Education Hub

Education Hub is a WordPress theme that is beautiful, interesting and responsive. This theme is a great working theme for websites that are usually created for school-college-university or other educational work. But one thing this theme is not made for learning only. You can use it very well if you want to do business as well.

This theme is a theme worth using on most websites. You can customize this theme from layout as you wish. And the setting of this theme is very simple and controlled by strong options panels. The Education Hub theme will help you make your website easy and professional. You can use this theme as a blog theme if you want to do anything educational or official.

You can buy this interesting theme from at a very affordable price. You can purchase this theme from here for $59 with a license key. You can buy three from here and customize your website beautifully without any hassle.

  1. Estory Theme

Estore Theme is a free available WordPress theme specifically built for the woocommerce platform. It’s very easy to connect your commerce store with Estore Theme. Also, this theme can be beautifully customized very easily. These three are usually designed for e-commerce, but if customers think they can customize this theme as they wish and use it on their blog. You can easily install any type of tool and plugin in this theme. This theme is a beautiful and useful theme for eCommerce websites. So those who usually want to create e-commerce websites can easily download this theme and use it on your site. You can download this theme free of charge from any site.

  1. Zimple Lite

Zimple Lite is a very interesting, beautiful and extraordinary WordPress theme. This theme is generally customized very well for ad display and page speed. Home post display and an attractive sidebar have made its design 100% user-friendly. A completely ad-friendly theme, Hawaii, allows you to earn a lot of money by showing ads from your blog. If you can create personal blogs, fashion or lifestyle websites with the theme, you will definitely get better results.

You’ll get this wonderful theme through the theme forest website. If you take the paid version, you’ll have to spend $20 to get it from there. You can use the theme on your blog or website by fearlessly purchasing the theme through this website.

  1. News paperX

Not to mention this theme. News paperX theme is basically a WordPress theme that is very interesting and pleasant for news, magazines and blogs. This theme is designed by Bootstrap, so it is usually very easy to customize. If you want to come to your blog and read your articles for a long time, you can use this theme. Also, if you think you’re going to have a lot of text on your homepage, this theme could be ideal for you. And also you can earn a good amount by having a lot of ad connections on this theme. It is currently one of the most popular themes for WordPress users.

You can find this theme through the theme forest website to sell the world’s most popular website theme. You need to spend $59 to buy this theme from here. From here you can easily set up the theme on your website.

  1. Edigital Market

Edigital Market is a free WordPress theme for selling mobile, desktop, plugin, e-book, audio, software, video, fonts, and a variety of other digital products. The theme is super customizable and easy to use to ensure users maximize all levels of data. You can use this theme no matter what products you want to sell online, small or big. This theme is very interesting and interesting for the e-commerce website. People who do business online or who have a website and want to buy and sell products on their website can use this theme for their site.

  1. Tyche Theme

This theme is usually designed to shop for clothes specifically. And it has excellent typography facilities that help attract customers. You will also get the benefit of a lot of excellent features by stopping this. And looking at these features, you won’t feel like you’re using a free theme for once. The theme is compatible with individual WooCommerce plugins. And this theme has made very clean code and smooth design more popular. This theme will be great for those who usually want to create business websites who can use this theme. Because it is one of the best WordPress themes to create business websites. And you don’t even have to buy this SIM with money.

Some important things before taking the theme

It’s usually important to create a website with a WordPress theme. Because the design of the website depends not only on one theme but also on the one theme on which all the activities of the website depend. So when you go to buy a WordPress theme, you won’t buy it out of inclination. And one of the most popular marketplaces to buy themes in Theme forest You can buy fearless good quality themes from here.

I have given you 10 best free WordPress themes reviews. Here you can buy the theme that matches the theme for your website you like or use the free version. Because the theme will bring complete fulfillment to your website, you must be aware of this. If you want to take your website to a professional level, I think you must buy and use a good premium theme. Because no matter how good the free theme is, you won’t get the benefits like a premium theme here. So if all goes well, you can choose any of the themes above for your website and customize them on your website.

Finally, you can design your website with a beautiful theme. And the better your website design, the more attractive your site will seem to users. And if users like your site, they will visit your site regularly and read your blog. Also, no matter how good your writing is, if your site is not designed well, the visitor will enter your site and leave without reading your text. So if the design of your site is professional, the visitor will be comfortable staying there.

And for that you must need a WordPress theme. The theme makes your site’s design much easier. You will also find a variety of advanced features that make your site more attractive and spectacular to users. So, without delay, definitely choose one of the best themes for your website and customize it on your website and build your site professionally.

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